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About company

International Center of Business, Ltd. was founded in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in 1994. All this time our company is engaged in inventing of the new wine-making technologies, we have got our own cellars and cooperage production, the company is well known for wholesaling and retailing of alcohol products.

Sysoev. Unique cooperage

  In the late 90-es there were not any cooperage production in Russia with the industrial capacities. So the management of International Center of Business, Ltd. company took a decision to regenerate the dying traditions of the Russian coopers with the founding of own industrial production of the oak barrels.

It took less than one year to accomplish this task. Nowadays we owe the only Russian enterprise with the industrial capacities of cooperage products.

There is no analogues in the world to our special equipment for cooperage production and technologies for barreling the wine into oak barrels. All this was invented, designed and produced in Saint Petersburg's factories by the order of our company

Sysoev. Sound wine from the oak barrels

  The history of wine-making had no experience when the wine being kept in an oak barrel would be pour out from it by the small portions. That was impossible before because in this case the atmosphere air gets into the barrel and the wine oxidizes!

Due to a new development of International Center of Business, Ltd. under “Sysoev” brand a unique in Russia and the world “Device for storing and bottling of the wine” (Patent of Russian Federation No 2152895). This “Know-how” of our company has earned the international recognition and has won the highest awards at the prestigious innovation forums and fairs.

This unique technology allows to store, to mature and pour out from the barrels an absolutely SOUND WINE.

It is well known that the modern people live in the “conservated” world with the shortage of live food full of vitamins, minerals and natural microelements human body needs for the healthy life. We are happy to offer you a natural product created in the harmony with Nature which is a perfect alternative to the chemically treated and conservated wines.


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